You are invited to join with James B Beard aka Noodin as he speaks on topics such as traditional living and natural spirit teachings. His topics address many concerns to do with wellness and balance in life. He is a student of native teachings from Ojibwe Elders, Algonquin language based people, living throughout the Great Lakes Region of the US and Canada. The audiences for his presentations vary from youth to elder's.


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In Memory of the Elder!



Larry Matrious

Naga nawe wi dong

[First Thunder / He who speaks first]


Left this world August 8th, 2009


 Elder Larry Matrious is of the Ahzhamook [cross roads] Band of Ojibwe. Born in the bush, there is no record of when, Larry was thought to be seventy six years in age.  He was taught in the ways of his father and grandfather and practiced his tradition in the old ways using the old Ojibwe language.

He was one of the last elders of the old way at Lake Lena Reservation, Minnesota.

In 1989 Larry came to New Hampshire to lead a gathering of people learning to walk the spirit path.  He stayed here to teach for much of the time over a period of five years.  His gatherings are well known and people came from all over New England to learn from him. Many people today live the traditional way of life as they were given instruction under this elder.  It is now the responsibility of those of us that have been given teachings by Larry to continue to share that knowledge and legacy. Larry is a recognized elder and healer of the Ojibwe.  He was, and in spirit is, a member of the Midewiwin Medicine Society of the Ojibwe.

By James B Beard about his teacher with permission

from Elder Larry Matrious