White Mocs on the Red Road                               

                           Walking Spirit in a Native Way   

               James B Beard aka Noodin

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White Mocs on the Red Road /
Walking Spirit in a Native Way


 White mocs on the Red Road

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The history between the original people of this land and the people who colonized this land make it difficult to gain an understanding of the depth of teachings within the culture of the Native American Indians. The degree of trust between people is understandably not there. The oral teachings carried by the Native Elders are not openly shared with anyone who would ask.

The original intent of my quest was to gain insight into Spiritual connection and apply this insight to the way I was living. It was not to change my lifestyle or relationships. What came about transformed my life as it was and led me on an adventure into a different world. I found myself transitioning into a person I did not know existed within myself, my white heritage was enhanced by ancient teachings we all once had. I learned to wear white moccasins and walk a red road in order to better understand the original teachings of my white heritage. The path I followed gave me a new family, a new community and a new identity  beyond anything I could have imagined. The life style, values and purpose of my life would now change for the rest of my time. For all of this I can only say, miigwich! thank you!

White Mocs on the Red Road


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Tonya Mattinas      February 5, 2013        FaceBook
Anna Gibbs and Tom Stilldays' books are in, bout to read'em holla "Menoka's the best" Always sends us awesome things to read, and I really enjoyed reading Jim Beards' book 2! Someday when I grow up, I would love to have the time earned to sit and share my life's experiences :)
          Neemin Nickaboine
Hell ya, I got tht book that Jim wrote it means a lot to me. I even got my bro to read it!

White Mocs on the Red Road January 30, 2013
I am reading your "White mocs..." book for the second time since you and your son visited the Mesa Creative Arts Center here in Pennsylvania...
I wanted to say that the visit (and your book) have been of great value to me...as I read through the book the first time shortly after you left the Mesa I began to better understand the meaning of things you did throughout the weekend...not that we can ever truly fully understand...
Anyhow, I don't know if you'll remember me but I was the guy with the prosthetic leg...that works with autistic kids at a residential mental health center...
Since that weekend I have thought further about my role in life, my work and the message remains the same...being a mental health counselor is not where "my road" ends and that I am "called" to become a "healer"--I did find it interesting that your business card was placed in chapter 11--Being a Helper...when I bought the book...
In addition, I have felt for awhile that the name I was given by my parents doesn't "feel" quite fit right...like there is another awaiting me...
Sorry for the rambling, my thoughts are a bit unfocused at the minute--as my day winds down...
anyway, I hope you are well...and that you will be back through this area again sometime soon...I definitely liked your first visit and desire more of what you brought...
Mike W.
Gentle, moving sand written from the heart. This is more than just one mans journey, it is a glittering diamond of rare value.
This is a book that recounts the story of a man that has hit rock bottom in his life and how he came to turn his life around and find a spiritual balance. As the title hints, this is about a white man that is adopted as an adult into the Indian way of life.
I had a hard time putting this down until I finished it. The author tells it like it is in a simple straightforward way. A definite read for anyone finding themselves on the same quest.

White Mocs on the Red Road

Joe and I both enjoyed reading Jim's book immensely.
Jim offers beautiful insight in The Peoples inner lives with his prose.His insights and stories will lead you down a path where Spirit and myth will unite us all.
He is walking the path of a "True" Human Being.

Jan. 7, 2011By Kent Buschle
I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in knowing more about the First Peoples, and specifically, the Ojibwe tribes of the upper Great Lakes and Canada. There are many books out there today which can give us an understanding of life and cultures of the First Peoples. This book is more multi-layered than most in its' approach to helping us go deeper into their way of life, their thought processes, their ceremonies and what the ceremonies mean, and finally, what one must do in order to truly follow and live on the Red Road. It's one of those books that is so multi-layered that it begs for many reads in order to appreciate all of the messages. If you are looking to be told what to do in your quest of spiritual understanding and enlightenment, this book is not for you. If you are looking for pointers and guidance, and hence be able to decide for yourself what path to take, then this book is a must read. Nice job Noodin, and Miigwich.

Feb. 12, 2011By kdumont
James Beard is a gifted writer and storyteller. The reader is fortunate that the author gifts you with a delightful journey through the heartfelt changes in his life. It is easy to read through this book quickly, however, there is also value in periodicaly picking out short passages for deeper insight and meaning. I have gifted this book to many friends who were not disappointed.

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