Northeast American Cultural Resource

James B Beard aka Noodin


Peabody Mill Environmental Center - Completed June 2005

Bring "Kids at Risk" from Souhegan High School to PMEC for day of learning about native people's and construction of 20' x 30' Native American Lodge.  Students would learn about native people's connection to nature; about northeast ceremonies surrounding construction of a lodge; what a lodge (was)is used for; do actual construction, including cutting of poles from the surrounding forest; Lodge would serve us for several years with minimal maintenance, as an additional outdoor classroom, while our new building addition is under construction.

We offer a Woodland Indians class, an Outdoor Awareness Skills class and a Nature Challenge class each summer - each class is offered twice during our summer program, and the lodge will easily tie in with those classes.

The lodge will also serve to provide an outdoor sheltered area for other nature based ongoing programs of PMEC. It would be a gathering place for nature walks, star watching programs and various workshops offered to schools and the community at large.