Northeast American Cultural Resource

James B Beard aka Noodin

Odyssey Traditional Powwow - 2008

Odyssey NH Academy located in Hampton NH.  This program was created for the school to offer a unique experience to the students and staff incorporating a value based philosophy.


Powwow for Odyssey Academy - on site. 

A two day instructional program is provided prior to the powwow to educate the students and staff pertaining to native cultural teachings in preparation for the powwow event.  It is suggested that a particular class; History, Science or other be dedicated to this process in order to accommodate teachings to smaller groups and to assure that all students have the opportunity to participate.

1.       The first classroom day is an introduction to Native American Culture.  It consists of a brief over view of the traditional society of the people and is done utilizing some of the traditional stories of the people together with the use of the musical instruments of the people.

2.       The second classroom day focuses on the powwow event and the customs that correspond to it.  The teachings explain what a powwow is, how to enter the dance circle, the songs and the significance of them to the people and the powwow.