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Trilio, youth in PA - Today I learned that the Indian stories that are told are meant to relax you and to help you sleep.  When the man was telling the story it relaxed me a whole lot and it did put me to sleep in the beginning.  I learned that a lot of what was being said was in the bible.  I liked it a lot.  It was very enjoyable and I would do it again if I had the opportunity.

Glenn Davis, Staff of VisionQuest, Fl   - Your visits are always welcome and leave us inspired.    This past week has brought you some snow.  Be careful, the best to you and your families - from your extended family here in Florida.  I almost said just from Florida - you have the gift to work everywhere.  From all the kids and staff in VisionQuest. 

Jessica, youth in PA -   I liked the stories a lot about my heritage.  I liked the story about the Sioux boy.  It meant a lot to me because I have Sioux in me as well as Cherokee.  I always wanted to sit down and find out a little about my background and I am glad that I was able to be in your group and learn some things about where I came from.

Yaunice, youth in PA -  What I learned was that they make sounds, music and language by listening to the sounds in their environment or surroundings.    I also learned how to play the instrument they use to make music & that in their country or culture that when you put your blanket over you and another person that you are announced to be a married couple.

Daniella, youth in PA -  I learned that native Americans are very nice and have a lot of potential and they like to welcome people.  They are very friendly and they do love to hunt for bears and wild animals and they dress up with their outfits and dance around and sing songs and make beads that are very beautiful and they speak different languages than Americans but are the same human beings and they are people.  I learned that it don't matter what race you are because you are humans and humans are mammals so we all are equal to one person.

Ropers Group, camping at Mt. Monadnock, NH -   Thank you for sharing your stories with us.  They were touching and beautiful.  It was kind of you to let us use your cabin for our Ropes traditional Monadnock experience.

Maria and Roman, Campers, Mt. Monadnock, NH - I will try to aid this new bright soul to keep that middle eye of purity   open beyond the first two years. (speaking of the child she carries)

Jamie, youth in PA - Well today was very interesting.    I enjoyed hearing Mr. Jim's stories he had to share.  The flute had a very peaceful sound coming from it.  I can relate to the boy who everyone picked on and how shy he was.  I used to be very shy until I came out of my shell and stopped worrying so much as to what people thought of me.  And the story of creation, I do believe we are all related somehow.  I believe we are all children of God, "The Creator".  I learned that we all have energy coming from us which can be positive or negative.  We can choose whether or not someone will get to us.  If we show kindness and respect to someone it will come back.  If we show meanness, etc. ... that will come back on us too.  I believe the saying, what comes around goes around.  I would love to go to a powwow.  I love the Indian music.

Sydney, Cleo, Olivia, Kelton, Dante & Jeff, youth in NH - On behalf of the many children who listened and heard your stories, those rituals that so clearly reflect your life - many thanks.  We would welcome you again.

Students at Conant High School, Jaffrey NH -    

Ronald Knott, Hikers on Mt Monadnock, NH -    Thank you letter for mountain rescue in 2007. 

Mark Rodgers, camper at Mt Monadnock, NH - I want to sincerely thank the New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation for allowing Jim Beard to conduct his Native America Legends outreach program at Monadnock State Park Campgrounds,  This past Saturday, my two energetic sons, ages 10 and 6, and I sat transfixed for two hours listening to Jim Beard recount these legends.  The legends speak to the kind of respect for nature and our inner connections with it that I think epitomize what the parks service would want from its' visitors.  Jim's gentle outreach made this camping trip one of the most special I've ever enjoyed.  I am actively trying to figure out how I can free up another Saturday before this season ends to go back to Monadnock Camp Ground.  How rare it is to find someone of Jim's caliber as a story teller who is willing to give so freely of his time to so many.  I consider your program a resounding success.  Thanks once again.

Alex & Stacey, accident at Greenfield State Park, NH  -  Alex and I want to thank you for your heartfelt concern during our ordeal at Greenfield State Park.  Alex likes the beaded bag that you gave him.  He had time to admire it when he was laying on his stomach waiting for the Dr. in the E.R..  It took twenty two stitches to close the gash on his heal.  Luckily it missed all tendons, ligaments, etc.  He has the stitches out now and is doing fine.  Everyone was great that night and your kind words and gestures really helped calm down a scared and hurting kid.  Thank you again and peace.

Walter, youth in PA - Mr. Noodin

Kayleigh, youth in PA - I'm not writing a goodbye letter   because hopefully we will still keep in touch.  When I first met you both it was at the sweat lodge and you introduced yourselves to me.  I feel as though as time progressed we began to build a friendship built with trust.  You have only supported me since we met and I would like to thank you for the kindness you have shown me.  You are both so spiritual and I respect you so much for that.  I never had a father figure in my life due to him being constantly incarcerated and having a mental health illness called a sociopath.  I am not trying to be sappy but you both are so kind and I consider you the parents I never had.  It is so sad to know that tomorrow you will be leaving but I will only remember the good times and all the conversations we had about my mom and the meaning of life.  Instantly I knew I could trust you and tell my life story.  There was a true connection.  You were sent here for a reason which is to kelp kids and I feel you were sent here to help me.  You both have helped me to cope with my mothers situation and also her illness.  I do admit that after I had read that letter that you told me to write, I felt a burden being lifted off my chest and now my feelings toward my mothers situation have only changed for the better and I finally let go and put it in the hands of our Creator.  Thank you for all of the stories you have shared with me and all of the loving kindness you have shown towards me.  You are so sweet and generous.  I will never forget you.  Keep in touch.  I will write you back and tell you how I am doing.  Thanks for believing in me and supporting me.  Luv, Kayleigh

Jessie, Staff at North Hero State Park, VT - Thank you!  I must gift you as well!  My favorite book about creation quantum physics and the inter connectedness of the universe.


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