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SHARING:       The programs are interactive and allow for individuals to find answers they seek.  The goal is to inform while allowing each person self expression.  The information provided by the presenter is given and then discussed so that all participants have the opportunity to gain insight. Talking circles and storytelling are utilized to provide community value based teachings.


EDUCATION & CONSULTING:       Pertaining to varied aspects of Environment, Aboriginal culture and traditions.  We develop varied ongoing educational programs for schools, camps, museums, environmental centers and businesses.  We identify and secure particular people in the community to be resources for particular projects.



SHARING & EDUCATION:     Programs are freely offered. Financial gifting/donation is gratefully accepted in order for the work to go on. 

CONSULTING:     Consulting services provided are determined on an individual basis.  The cost minimum depends on the cost of materials and travel.  Consulting may include prearranged fees in consideration of time and preparation for various projects.

Working to find solutions that make things happen in a positive way.

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If you have an interest in the cultural ways of the Northeastern Native American people please contact me.

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    603-261-7228    P.O.B. 602, Amherst, NH 03031        noodin@northeastcultural.com

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