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Eye of the Hawk: Last Chance Ranch

An intensive value based program to help youth!

Last chance Ranch is a program to provide youth with an alternative opportunity when poor decisions have led them to have problems within the community and school.  it is the goal to provide youth with the tools necessary for a productive and successful future.  Encouraging youth to apply better judgment values to their own actions and the actions of their peers.

The program described is an overview. The part described below represents the program piece provided by Northeast American Cultural Resource as contractors to the Last Chance Ranch to utilize this unique approach to helping youth who are considered by the community to be at risk. Each of our facilitators operates as individual consultants working together for the good of the people.

Extraordinary experiences are provided by utilizing the values of Native American traditional teachings. Cultural values are offered to aid youth to find centering from within. Ceremony and Lodges as well as outings and the application of native crafting and music demonstrate the values of community. Legends are told to share the cultural values of a culture that thrived for millennia. A different approach to gain the attention of our youth.

APPLICATIONS - now being taken for June 2009 and ongoing.

One last chance: Private program in Rye for at-risk youths uses Native American themes

News Article : http://www.fosters.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090626/GJNEWS_01/706269900

Please call: (603) 964-7874.    Email: jo.catalino@eyeofthehawk.org

Mail:  Eye of the Hawk

        5 Grove Road

        Rye, NH  03870


Four hours per day, four days per week, four weeks.

The cost is $125 per person, per day.

The program can be extended if requested.

Two native fabric facilitators each session. All facilitators are security cleared prior to work with youth.


Circle group - opening discussion and planning – Open the four hour session, relaxation and focus exercise, go around circle to ascertain where people are in mind set, set plan for day. The four hour session ends with a closing circle.


Sessions that are applied will be determined on the day of the program dependent on weather and needs of the youth. This is not a progression program, it is a cycling four week commitment program.

  • Native crafting with teachings from facilitators of native lore based on cultural value building techniques. The making of leather goods, jewelry, dream catchers.
  • Repair and building of grounds projects to enhance property use for these programs and introduce community values of work ethic.
  • Construction of lodges – involves the gathering and putting up of a lodge for use by the participants. Teachings of the construction and values of working together are illustrated through native legend teachings.
  • Legend ceremony – A circle of the people is formed and legends that have personal and community value teachings incorporated are told and demonstrated to the youth.
  • Different facilitators will share their specialties with the youth. Facilitators may share legends and stories that are pertinent to an individual’s issues at that time. The sharing of knowledge of facilitators about plants, animals, beliefs and animal lore.
  • One on one and group mentoring to youth in sessions as well as ongoing.
  • Forest and beach foraging techniques will be introduced and demonstrated. How to harvest in a respectful manner to honor the environment.
  • Nature walks to understand the forest and relationship to all things.


Experience and Expertise of Facilitators referred by Northeast American Cultural Resource, under the direction of James Beard. A ratio of 4:1 facilitators work with the youth at all times.

James Beard – Has worked with Visionquest Academy at risk youth for the past three years as a specialist in providing native fabric experience. He is also contracted with Alternative Living Solutions. A youth facility working to prepare young women for independent living in Donegal PA. Ceremony, special events, sweat lodge and mentoring. Jim also provides school and youth programs throughout New England.



Our mission is to give each and every participant the opportunity to discover their purpose and direction in life.

APPLICATIONS - now being taken for June 2009 and ongoing.

Please call: (603) 964-7874.    Email: jo.catalino@eyeofthehawk.org

Mail:  Eye of the Hawk

        5 Grove Road

        Rye, NH  03870



















































































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